Find the White Cat!

You need to find the white cat but all you have is a noisy black one.

What wonders lie in the palm of the white one.

But mystery envelops his darkened Trail.

With Fear and Anger long gone.

Your mighty Keyboard shall prevail!

move: WASD, arrow keys

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withBitsy
Tags1-bit, 8-Bit, atari, Bitsy, Casual, Escape Game, Experimental, Exploration, Ludum Dare 41
Average sessionA few seconds

Development log


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nice game! te black cat is so rude :'( but i did enjoy it a lot!


Thank you for playing it. I plan on making it bigger and better... even ruder but the white one will always cheer you up!

Why, hello new Bitsy world... What if I ask my road to this young feline fell--oh. :D

Nice first game! Still wonder what's the "white round thing" in the last room.

Thank you i feel welcome already. I was getting used to the spritemaking so i guess it is a metroid.

This is nice! In case you don't know there's a bitsy game jam going on right now, and the theme this month is cats. You could submit it here if you want more people to see your game:

Thank you! I did not even know about that. You rock!